Clean & Green Pakistan

Rotary Club Rawalpindi undertook three (03)pilot projects of Tree Plantation supplementing GOP’s ongoing efforts for “Clean & Green PAKISTAN “ on 2nd August, 2019.
Sites selected were ;
1.SOS Girls School 
2. SOS Technical Training Institute 
3. Admin Block, SOS Village 
A total of 55 Tree Saplings were planted. Preference was however given to plant Fruit Bearing Trees besides other trees.
Our efforts were greatly appreciated by the School management as well as staff and students.
Further Tree Plantation Projects shall soon be undertaken at other suitable sites.
Following Rotarians of RC Rawalpindi who happily and proudly participated in the event deserve my special thanks:
1.Rtn Murad Khan Club Secretary 
2. Rtn Mujahid Saleem IPP
3.Rtn Tariq Choudhary Executive Secretary 
4.Rtn Taimur Khalil Khan SVP
5.Rtn Ejaz Ahmad V Chairman Welfare Activities 
6. Rtn Shafqat Ali
Rtn.Shahid Anwar Khan
RC Rawalpindi 
Rtn. Murad khan
RC Rawalpindi 
Rtn. Tariq Choudhary 
Executive Secretary 
RC Rawalpindi

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