While Rotary Club of Rawalpindi regularly undertakes new projects but following are our key ongoing projects:

  • Rotary School & Vocational Center at Tarnol, Islamabad.

This project was first of all conceived By Late Rtn. Mushtaq Ali Bagram. For the fulfillment of his idea, he had been able to succeed in getting a matching grant. Rtn. Haji Iftikhar Ahmed and Rtn. Bagram Ali together worked hard and with their vision and steadfastness achieved this project with a tangible and concrete shape.

For the operational duties, Rtn. G.M. Chaudhary was selected and was asked to do the needful and put this project into operation. During his tenure as being President of RC Rawalpindi 2003-2004, he arranged infrastructure and by the grace of God and Rotarian Fellows this project was made operational in 2003-2004.

Till to date, this has been working and imparting education to around 200 students and giving technical training to about 25 young girls of the area.

Rotary Club of Rawalpindi is the proud owner of this project and spending about Twenty Thousand 20,000 Rs. each month for its continuity.


So far, some 250 cataract operations have been completed at various free Eye Camps held at different locations. Rotary Club of Rawalpindi along with Rotary Club of Chesham is striving hard for the betterment of poor and needy and giving the basic facilities and Health services to the needy people of Pakistan.

All the members of Rotary Club of Rawalpindi participated in the camps organised at different locations.