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August 12, 2010

Second visit to village Dera Kai, Aman Kot

The people of Dera Kai are farmers who take the land on lease from the landlord and cultivate the land, live on the little margin they get at the end of the season. They had mud huts put up at the higher part of the land. Our first visit was somewhat enthusiastic that we are going to help some people but this time we were very humble, down to earth, every body was quite and concerned about the need of the friends at Dera Kai.

On 12th August 2010 on first of Ramadan, we went with 35 tents and the bags of clothes collected by the efforts of our Rotarians.  We reached there and find the effecties just sitting and doing nothing since they cannot do any work on the fields while the fields are still flooded and breeding mosquitoes.

The following members took part in collecting the clothing’s and went to Dera Kai to distribute and assisted in making this exercise successful.

Rtn Rashid Mashkoor (Secretary RC Rawalpindi) who arranged the purchase of  tents and took part in organizing and then lending his vehicle to transport the tents to Tarnol and then up to Dera Kai.
Rtn. PP Iftikhar Ahmed (Chair Disaster Relief).
Mrs. Momina Iftikhar (President Inner Wheel club Rawalpindi).
Rtn. Nosherwan Khalil Khan.
Rtn. Manzoor H Malik.
Rtn. Bilal Tariq.
Mr. Nauman Malik Volunteer, Joining the club soon.

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