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August 24, 2010

Rotary Club of Rawalpindi arranged an Iftar party at Dera Kai, Aman Kot on 25th Aug and it had amazing effects on the flood effected brothers and their families. Also the participation of members of the club and their spirit to do more was very touchy.

PTV News also joined the club and did the live coverage of the Iftar party in their programme “HUM SATH HEIN TUMARAY.

The following participants took active part and also went along to deliver goods and join the efforts:
Rtn. Rashid Mashkoor (Secretary Rotary Club of Rawalpindi)
Rtn. PP. Iftikhar Ahmed (Chairman Disaster Relief)
Rtn. Khushnood Ul Hassan (President Elect)
Rtn. PP. Mohammad Aslam Chishti
Rtn. PP. GM. Chaudhary
Rtn. Haji Gulzar Awan
Rtn. PP. Manzoor H Malik
Rtn. Nosherwan Khalil Khan
Rtn. Pervez Ahsan Khan (DGE, Chairman Water Resource Management)

After the Iftar Dinner was served. And soon came the van with the kitchen Utensils, Water in Five Ltr. Water bottles, Clothes, Tissue boxes, and food items and pray mats. The prayer mats were donated by Rtn. Khusnood ul Hassan.

DGE Pervez Ahsan Khan has been very kind to join the club today and brought two pumps for spaying with the mosquito eradication spray. This was well thought off since the place is a mosquito manufacturing factory. The pumps were given to one each community.

The community needs the mosque and we brought along a huge tent to accommodate thirty to forty muslims praying at a time. This is of course a temporary measure and new mosque will be constructed soon by the sole donation of Haji Iftikhar Ahmed Allah bless him for this noble deed.

We set off after promising that the club will come again and they know that we will, since this is our fourth visit to distribute their needs. On the way back we discussed many other items needed by the community and the practicality of purchasing and making it to reach them.

It appears that this is not going to end in very near future. We are going to have meeting in our club to find out as how we can keep helping the poor brothers to make them stand of their feet.

Army has also delivered a water tank which we understand that they will keep on refilling it as well.

You are invited!
We meet every Monday at 6:00 pm at Pearl Continental Hotel, Mall Road, Rawalpindi. You are invited to attend our meeting.
Club Members
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