RC Baku International – RC Rawalpindi Members Visit

Members of Rotary Club of Rawalpindi led by Rtn. Nosherwan Khalil Khan attended awesome special social meeting of Rotary Club of Baku International under the presidentship of Rtn. Nick Nwolisa on Wednesday, 04 July 2018 at the Cafe Vienna (Nizami Street 98C), Baku Azerbaijan.

Rtn. PP. Waseem Riaz, Rtn. Tariq Mahmood Choudhary and Rtn. Usman Ayub (President RC Islamabad) were also present at the occasion. The members exchanged Club Flags; lapel pins and caps of RC Rawalpindi were presented to President and members of RC Baku International courtesy Rtn. Tariq Mahmood Choudhary.

At the end funds were raised in the first ever WGMeal event to End Polio in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The details are as under :

WGM Event by Rotary Club of Baku International.
Restaurant name : Cafe Vienna
Address: Nizami Street 98C, Baku Azerbaijan.
Total No. of Participants : 15
Memebers of Club at the event : 11
Arranged by : President Nick Nwolisa & Rtn. Lala Efendiyeva (Adviser to President).
Total funds raised : $ 76.36

Grateful to
Rtn. Kristina Mamedova
Rtn. Chris Butcher
Rtn. Tom Butcher
Rtn. Myrto Petropoulos
Rtn. Andreas Petropoulos &
Rtn. Sarita Vaid
for their generous contributions.

Special thanks to Rtn. Lala Efendiyeva (Adviser to President) for arranging this awesome social meeting.

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